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About McDonald Ranches

With ranches in Brazos County, Texas, McDonald Ranches is a family owned business that raises registered Red Brangus and commercial cattle. Darryl and Ann McDonald purchased their first Red Brangus in 1967. Since then, the family and ranching operation has grown and currently has approximately 300 head of Red Brangus and 300 head of commercial cattle.


From the beginning, McDonald Ranches has had a breeding philosophy and dedication towards a goal of providing a superior genetic product for themselves and their customers. They believe the show ring is simply a means to promote their program and genetics, but will never dictate breeding decisions or production standards. Instead, breeding decisions are based on success in the pasture, by mating foundation bulls with females that compliment and enhance

the traits of the Brangus breed.


McDonald Ranches believes the Red Brangus breed is uniquely positioned to have a positive impact on the world’s cow herd. They are committed to producing cattle that will meet the needs of the commercial cattle industry and the consumer, regardless of climate and environmental conditions.


Quality Breeding.

Superior Genetics.


Contact Us

Pecan Valley Ranch

12000 East OSR

Hearne, TX 77859

Cell: 979.676.0142

Home: 979.828.5569



Bryan Ranch

6415 W State Highway 21

Bryan, TX 77808

Cell: 214.923.1120

Home: 979.822.6359


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